the ice cream Performance

We aim to entertain. Imagine the Benihana for ice cream. Yup, that's us.

Each one of our delicious ice cream roll experiences is handcrafted for you and your beautiful guests.

We pour on our cream onto a frozen pan along with your desired mix-ins.

After 30 seconds, a spectacular performance and a few flicks and tricks, we spread the ice cream mixture across the pan before rolling it up into cute sexy rolls. Come to Papi. 

From healthy vegan options right through to alcoholic, the worlds your oyster. Check out our various menu’s below.  

Premium Ice Cream Rolls

Creamy and Indulgent


Vegan Ice Cream Rolls

Healthy and light


Alcoholic Ice Cream Rolls

Ice cream makes you naughty


Fun little facts

0-100 Ice Creams
Requires 1 fun and friendly ice cream chef
100-200 Ice Creams
Requires 2 fun and friendly ice cream chefs
200+ Ice Creams
Number of ice cream chefs will be confirmed
Up to 3 hours serving (unless otherwise specified).

All experiences are delivered from our vintage and versatile ice cream carts (2x1m), which incorporate our magical ice cream pans.

1 electric plug socket is required, and we can set up within 10 speedy minutes.

Lift access is required if the occasion is not on theground floor.

Each Bubba Ice event can be fully customised and made into a 1 of 1 unique creation, with options to fully personalise your experience.