Story Time

Founded by Rob Huysinga in 2015 after seeing the ‘ice cream roll’ concept on a backpacking adventure in Thailand at age 20, Bubba Ice is here to inject love, light and positivity back into the world.
We absolutely love making you smile & we do this through the power of ice cream entertainment. This is what made our Co-founder Monty Blencowe fall in love with Bubba Ice when they met in New York. He’s a Hollywood movie producer & knows all about entertainment…
Bubba Ice is the UK’s fastest growing ice cream brand and with millions of followers online, we’re proud to say we’re one of the most followed ice cream brands in the world. Check us out on TikTok (@Bubba_Ice) if you fancy a chuckle.

Based out of Los Angeles, Miami & London, we just love serving up a storm for all you beautiful Bubba’s.