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We're Bubba Ice and we love adding fun, flavour and positivity to any event using our theatrical & sexy ice cream carts.

Tell us all about your occasion by filling in our simple ‘book now’ form. It should only take one or two minutes.
We deliver our delicious ice cream roll experiences to small gatherings, right through to multi day activations so don’t worry about your occasion being too big, or too small.

We become friends

You’ll be assigned a personal pro who will be be on hand every step of the way, from once you have submitted your enquiry, right until after your occasion.
Dietary requirements, personalisation right through to delivery details are all discussed. We’ll chit chat back and forth about what we can do to make your occasion unforgettable, including any of your special requests.

You receive a quote

Once all the details are finalised, You’ll receive a personalised quote. You lucky thing.

We promise you, it is worth every penny. If you don’t believe us, here’s some of our best friends who trust us with every inch of their life…

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After you've received a quote, you may still have a few questions so feel free to fire away.

From there, confirm your Bubba Ice experience by scheduling payment before the date of the occasion.

Experience is delivered

It’s party time.

We arrive. We meet. We smile. We laugh. We make ice cream. We perform. We put on a show. You relax. You choose. You watch. You record. You photograph. You hear. You taste. You go back for more. Then even more. We chat. We dance. We roll up our sleeves. We have a great time.

We make memories.  
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Fun little facts

0-100 Ice Creams
Requires 1 fun and friendly ice cream chef
100-200 Ice Creams
Requires 2 fun and friendly ice cream chefs
200+ Ice Creams
Number of ice cream chefs will be confirmed
Up to 3 hours serving (unless otherwise specified).

All experiences are delivered from our vintage and versatile ice cream carts (2x1m), which incorporate our magical ice cream pans.

1 electric plug socket is required, and we can set up within 10 speedy minutes.

Lift access is required if the occasion is not on the ground floor.

Each Bubba Ice event can be fully customised and made into a 1 of 1 unique creation, with options to fully personalise your experience.